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PDCL in Action

Module 1 August 2017, in Pictures

Second section of module 1: The Leader Within. 35 Sisters from 20 Congregations participated.

An intergenerational, intercultural group of women religious congregation leaders
Module 1 on ‘The Leader Within’ Participants – 35 Sisters from 20 Congregations
Learning from one another’s experience as Congregational leaders is extremely enlightening and enriching. Together we grow.
Learning skills as well as growing in self-knowledge to harness our potential to inspire and enable women-for-mission in our congregations
Taking time for the Contemplative Space
Naming my commitments as I move on after the Session.
Sister-to-Sister bonding, sharing and supporting

Module 1 April 2017, in Pictures

First section of module 1: The Leader Within

Group picture just had to be underneath the hundred-year-old tree!
Attending the session as a Provincial Council together helps us to have a common ‘language’ to do our work.
Situating the fundamental elements of our charism in our Charism Tree
Getting feedback on our work.
Role playing a praxis event
Learning from one another’s experience through role-playing
Sharing ‘overnight thoughts’ from yesterday’s learnings
Becoming self-aware of how I have been living my role as a leader
How does my belonging to a particular generation affect my leadership style?
What is power and authority like in the African context?
Evaluating and planning at the day’s end
A leader’s hands ready ‘to wash the feet’ of my Sisters in service
Carry your candle…seek out the hopeless

Preparing to offer Developing the Leader Within

In February 2017, the facilitators for Developing the Leader Within, Module 1 of the Certificate in the Practice of Organizational Leadership (CPOL), gathered for their final preparations and to present the course materials to each other.

Sr Margaret
St Agnes
Sr Alem
Sr. Bernadette
Group photo